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22 Mar 2016

Cheating is a very human thing that can be experienced by everyone, especially when at work or after a meal. Sleepy when it works of course extremely disturbing especially when a lot of work. Are you among those who like the sleepy at work? So what do you do to relieve the sleepiness. In general, many of them say that the most appropriate solution to eliminate sleepiness is by sleeping. But what happens if it is done when you are working, it will reduce the productivity and quality of work you could even make your reprimanded by you.

If sleepiness is often encounter when daylight hours, especially when there are several factors that cause drowsiness. The sleepiness could be incurred due to your lack of sleep at night, or you’re stressed, less iron or too much eating. Indeed, these three factors can cause you to feel sleepy during the day, and you have to prevent it. There are various ways that you can do to prevent your sleepiness is by eating foods most potent deterrent sleepy. Want to know what kind of food the prevention of drowsiness? Immediately, note the following review!

This is the Most Powerful Food Preventing Sleepiness

Beans and Grains
The food was the first that could serve to prevent drowsiness you are nuts and seeds. The types of nuts including walnuts, almonds, raisins nuts and many others. This is because nuts contain omega-3 fats that contribute to preventing depression and drowsiness. Unsaturated fats react burn quickly and release energy in the body. While the natural sugar content in nuts will also help you to stay motivated to do your activities.

Yogurt is milk that has undergone a kind of fermentation that very much has benefits for the body. Besides yogurt can also be an alternative food that can overcome sleepiness. This is because the yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that are beneficial to your digestive system. Besides sugar and protein in yogurt making conditions become fit and healthy body. That’s why yogurt became one of the foods that can be food to prevent drowsiness. The more regularly you eat yogurt benefits you can get much bigger for your health.

The next type of food that acts to keep you from feeling sleepy is spinach. Spinach is often used to treat diseases characterized anemia body feels weak, lethargic and easily feel sleepy. Anemia itself a disease caused by deficiency of iron in the body. To fix things that you can do is to eat spinach regularly. Because spinach many stores iron content in it that can be an injection of oxygen to the brain and throughout the body which provide additional energy.

Vitamin C
The final solution that you can do to overcome the problem of frequent sleepiness is by consuming vitamin C. Vitamin C can help reduce kartisol hormone which is one of the hormones that cause stress and lowering allergies in the body. If you are already feeling sleepy intolerable then immediately to take vitamin C, because it could be your best solution.

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